September 7, 2021

What do you need to prepare before designing and developing software

To implement a software project and reduce the risk of an enterprise’s budget and time, before building a software development team or hiring a company to design software, enterprises must understand what they need. To understand the requirements, businesses need to prepare many things. Let’s check it out!

Answer these common question

To start a software development project, businesses or individuals need to consider these questions before running a project or finding outsource supports:

  • On which platform do you need to develop the software, application, web application, Android or iOS, or all platforms?
  • Who are the end-users of your software? What does each user install your software for? Is it urgent or not, if not, will they get any additional benefits when they install it?
  • What features cater to the users?
  • What is the purpose of each of those features?
  • For mobile apps, you need to answer the question of what factors cause your users to quickly uninstall your application when installing?
  • Does your software involve any third-party connections? For example, is there an online payment gateway integration, using google maps data, or some feature from another mobile application?
  • How many people do you expect to operate this software once it’s completed and start to launch?
  • The estimated time that the business wants to go-line the project?
  • What is the projected budget for a business management software development project?
  • What do customers need to prepare to start implementing their own management software project?
  • What do businesses need to prepare before finding a software development partner for their software?

Budget for implementing a software development project

To develop custom software for your business, you have two options: Choose to build a team/department yourself to implement the project or hire an IT service provider with many years of experience.

Here are some costs you need to spend minimally when starting the project of developing separate software for your business:

  • Cost of software programming = (Total time x salary/hour) + Cost of consulting, implementation and handover. This is a one-time investment to develop the complete product.
  • Annual software maintenance costs: It is the maintenance cost during the operation of your software, to ensure uninterrupted operation without affecting users.
  • Cost of renewing Google Play and Appstore accounts: For applications deployed on Android and iOS platforms, you need to pay an annual fee for AppStore’s account. For CH Play, you only need to pay once, this is the fee for you to upload Android applications and iOS to the store.
  • Server cost: The cost of operating infrastructure for your business management software. You can use cloud VPS or physical servers depending on the actual needs of your company.
  • Budget for 3rd parties (if any): Depending on the features of the software using 3rd party services or not or the specifics of the business model, you will have to pay annually or by quantity. For example, paying online, or buying a package of Google Maps, etc.

After this post, hope you can know what you need to prepare before implementing a software development project. If you need more support or consultation, don’t hesitate to contact vITcake via website chatbox or email info@vitcake.com.