Development of web applications

Use Internet opportunities to the maximum 

A team of developers from Vitcake offers services for designing, creation and support of various web applications.

Interactive databases

Databases with web interface ensuring wide possibilities for adjustment of parameters of imaging, filtering, access levels.

Remote control

Applications for remote control of computing systems, equipment, “smart home”, SCADA, etc.

Chat bots

Chat bots are used both for personal purposes (for example, control of equipment through domestic server), and for corporate purposes (virtual secretary, private office, etc.)

Frameworks used by us

To achieve aims, we use popular software, and it facilitates modernization and support of products created by us


Web framework on the basis of PHP, actively used in the corporate environment


Popular web framework for Python, for easy combination of Python scripts with web interface


Means for designing of safe web servers on the basis of .NET Framework


We are the right choice, if you wish to use one of the presented databases in your web application:

SQL Server