February 25, 2020

Striving for effective business built by your own rules?

But commercial software development companies are more inclined to decide everything for you. So instead of convenient, effective and customizable software to aid your business, you pay for and get

  • automatic updates you don’t need
  • functions you will never use
  • impossibility of adjustment to fit company’s organizational changes 
  • bad code optimization and subsequent need of more powerful hardware
  • weak corporate data protection

If you are tired of being shoved with “one solution fits all” policy down your throat for your own money, then tailor-made software is the way to go. Developed according to your needs and tailored to company’s internal processes, these apps, systems, platforms and CRMs will give you

  • only necessary functions
  • options to customize and implement changes in line with company’s development
  • only tested updates by request
  • smooth performance on your current hardware 
  • reinforced data protection
  • and the best of all — full control over all processes in the company

In Vitcake we have been developing and supporting tailor-made digital products for 5 years. So are fully capable of delivering successful, functional and easy to use custom software.

Want to know how we can help you? Then send us a message. We will analyze your company’s internal processes. And present a digital solution to increase your revenue through raising their efficiency and speed.