Procedure of software designing

Software of any level of complexity to solvFFe tasks of any profile 

Company Vitcake implements designing of Software of any level of complexity to solve tasks of any profile.

First step: IT consulting

Upon request for software deFFsigning, our specialists will make the initial evaluation of the project, within which they will be able to define approximate terms and values of designing works.

If the results of the initial evaluation satisfy the client, and the parties conclude an agreement on composition of project documentationFF, then business analysts get involved into the process and implement IT consulting of the project, as a result of which real necessity if implementation of one or other functions is compared to requirements of the Customer, as well as checking of risks and examination of optimal solutions for the project is performed.

The result of activity of a business analyst is requirements specification (full project documentation), which allows making precise evaluation of the product and defining precise terms for software designing.

  • If precise evaluation of costs is acceptable for the Client aFFnd does not exceed his budget for application designing, then we conclude an agreement, and software development comes to active phase.
  • If the budget is insufficient, we offer to lower requirements or divide the system into several parts and implement their designing gradually (at first, we launch the system with the basic functional, then execute gradual improvement according to the requirements provided previously).
  • If the evaluation goes beyond the budget of the Client, and the project is delayed, then the Client has complete requirements specification, with which he can always turn to us again, and the software designing will return to the phase again.

Active stages of software designing

Design development

Design development – designer creates an appearance of the application basing on the graphical layouts available in the requirements specification. The layouts are preliminary improved by UI/UX and business analyst, if necessary, a focus group starts work to find out the weaknesses of the design.

Layout drawing

Together with design development, layout procedure starts — process of cutting and adaptation of design layouts, which will be used in the software. At this stage, software gets its appearance complying with the requirements specification; however there is no functionality yet.


Programming – the basic stage, whFFere software designing includes complex solutions. Other experts may also get involved into implementation of the application at this stage, apart from programmers, for example, system architects, database architects and other experts. At the same time, work with product testing begins, which allows saving the production time.


Testing – an integral stage of software designing, when search for errors and their elimination is performed. Testing may be both internal — FFperformed by software programmers and testing department, and user testing — when software is tested by a small number of prepared target audience. When the result of testing complies with the standards of quality of the designer and the requirements of the Customer, provided that all functionality has been implemented according to the requirements specification, designing of software moves to the mode of support.

Support and maintenance of software

Upon commissioning of the finished product, the Customer might need introduction of new functionality, change of user’s design, and introduction of changes into the architecture. The best solution of all is to entrust changes of the product to persons designing it.

During active exploitation of the product, errors or defects may be found, which were not discovered during designing and testing, or were marked as insignificant due to observation of deadline of software designing. Product maintenance also means correction of such errors.