September 21, 2021

Scrum – The most popular software development procedure today

There are many standard software development procedures and one of them is the method of software development according to the Scrum model. So, let’s check out what Scrum is, and what is the role of Scrum in the software development procedure with vITcake.

Scrum concept

Is an agile software development procedure. The main principle is to break down the software that needs to be produced into small parts for development (these small parts must be readable and releasable), get customer opinions, and change accordingly during the development procedure to ensure the product release meets the customer’s expectations. Scrum splits the project into sprints, or development loops. Each sprint is generally completed in 2-4 weeks (abou 30 days). It is very suitable for projects with a lot of change and high-speed requirements.

Some features of Software Development Procedure- Scrum

Scrum (or agile in general) is classified as “Feature-driven development”. Products are developed by features, not products by the system architecture.

Scrum reduces resources for management and focuses more on work directly related to making products. By reducing the management role (PM) by pushing management to each person.

Reduce time spent writing documents by increasing face-to-face communication time. Usually, when estimating a job, the team estimates the time spent on communication to complete the task.

Focus on the product, the product is the final destination, not the process.

Pros and cons of the Scrum model

Like all things in the world, there are always both sides, pros, and cons of all things. The scrum model is not an exceptional model.


  • One person can do many things for example developer can be also a tester.
  • Detect errors much earlier than traditional methods.
  • Customers quickly see the product thereby giving early feedback.
  • It can be used on projects if the client needs aren’t obvious right away.


  • The group’s skill level is set at a specific level.
  • Must have an understanding of the agile model.
  • Difficulty determining budget and timing.
  • Always listen to feedback from customers and change accordingly, so time will last when there are too many change requests from customers.
  • The role of the PO (Product Owner) is very important, the PO is the product-oriented person. If the PO does not do well, it will affect the overall result.

Elements that make a software development procedure in Scrum

Simply put, there are 3 important components that makeup SCRUM: Organization, Process, and Documentation. In each component, there are 03 sub-components. Thus, we only need to understand and apply these 9 elements to be able to apply SCRUM.

Organization: Organize project team and Roles

  • Product Owner
  • ScrumMaster (Coordinator)
  • Development Team

Document (Artifacts): outputs

  • Product Backlog (List of product development functions)
  • Sprint Backlog (List of functions to be developed for each phase)
  • Estimation (Estimation result of Team)

Process: Specifies how SCRUM works

  • Sprint Planning meeting
  • Sprint Review (Meet to review each phase)
  • Daily Scrum Meeting

Above is Scrum – The most popular software development procedure today that vITcake want to introduce to you. If you need support for developing software, please contact vITcake via chatbox on website of vITcake or send an email to info@vitcake.com.