Where to find technical support for your IT system?

How to manage and maintain the operation of the IT system continuously and effectively? How to exploit IT resources optimally for production and business activities are really big challenges that businesses are facing. The technical support services that vITcake provides will help businesses overcome these challenges, ensure cost savings in IT operations and provide the best service throughout the operation.

Introduction of vITcake’s technical support service

Equipment, service, software, and IT infrastructure technical support service is one of the best IT services in providing IT support 24/7 or on-demand in operating and supporting IT systems. The service will give customers the most satisfaction with the ability to handle quickly and promptly.

vITcake is proud to be a reputable and professional partner providing technical support for equipment, services, software, and IT system infrastructure with a team of experienced and qualified personnel.

Why do you need technical support from vITcake

IT plays an important role in the operations of any business, no matter how large or small it is, or what technology they use.

In large enterprises, when problems arise, employees will contact the IT department to report the problem. The IT team will then log in, prioritize, investigate and resolve the issue. When the problem has been solved, the solutions to fix it will be saved as a Log file in the database to help IT Manager make decisions about troubleshooting or improving for problems. Like this in the future… or even make it possible for users to rely on the database to handle similar problems themselves in the future.

In companies, small organizations, sometimes IT teams are not trained and have the same support tools as large organizations. So either way, the IT of a small business always has problems in handling user requests, which can be mentioned as:

  • Process requests sequentially instead of defining needs and priorities.
  • Slow processing, often postponing or even ignoring requests.
  • Repetitive processing for the same type of request…

Factors such as the above are one of the reasons why small and medium-sized companies and organizations need technical support services from vITcake to promote the effectiveness of IT support, as well as improve their operational capabilities. IT system in particular and the whole organization in general.

Outstanding technical support from vITcake

We can provide operation, support, monitoring, evaluation, tuning, and maintenance services for a wide range of equipment and services in the following technology areas:

  • Database management system
  • Server systems and related services
  • Server room infrastructure, fire protection equipment
  • Virtualization and cloud computing platforms
  • Office equipment
  • Storage equipment and software
  • Backup equipment and software
  • User terminal
  • Network and security equipment

Benefits of customers when choosing vITcake’s technical support

Service packages are designed to help customers manage their IT infrastructure effectively, overcome the difficulties of managing and operating a complex and heterogeneous IT environment. vITcake is committed to being ready to respond and fix problems quickly, minimizing the impact on business IT operations.

  • Businesses do not have to work with multiple suppliers for different requirements
  • Simplify the management process, reduce IT system operating costs
  • Backed by engineers with expertise in problem identification and troubleshooting
  • Reduce costs of moving, replacing old systems or applications
  • Minimize system downtime thanks to readily available spare parts and equipment.
  • With a consulting/maintenance contract at HPT, businesses will receive technical support and advice before deciding to buy, upgrade or test new hardware or software and at no extra cost for service when purchasing, upgrading, or testing new hardware or software.
    Equipment/system needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • During the repair period, businesses can also reduce or waive the cost of temporary equipment rental/replacement depending on the actual case.

If you need technical support, contact to vITcake now via email info@vitcake.com or chatbox on the vITcake’s website to have the best consultation and quote.