Поддержка работы IT-инфраструктуры на кораблях

What happens if your ship requires emergency help with computer, network or other IT infrastructure?

We can help, our engineers will reach you on-site and solve your problems.

Introduction of vITcake’s technical support service

We are providing on-demand support service for ship’s IT infrastructure in case of new installations or emergency situations, when something goes wrong with equipment or software. Our engineers can visit ship, perform diagnostics and solve problems immediately or in shortest possible terms in case if spare parts or equipment will be required. Also, we can provide remote technical support by phone or email to solve low-priority problems and provide essential help.

24\7 support is available remotely worldwide and on-demand on-site support is available by request for Baltic countries. It is possible to reach ships worldwide, but reaching time will be much longer, depending on location of the ship.

Why choose our support?

Our engineers are experienced in managing ship’s IT infrastructure, since we are providing support for our own ship management software and already know how to operate in ship’s environment.

IT support is extremely viable, especially on such objects like ship. Knowledge of all aspects and experience in maintenance, tuning and deployment of similar systems is crucial. Not every IT company is able to perform such type of support.


As company, who has good relationships with many ship management companies and ship owners, we value our customer’s time and comfort.

By selecting our support, you will acquire:

  • 24\7 remote technical support
  • On-demand on-site support of qualified engineers
  • Ability to get regular maintenance of ship’s IT infrastructure
  • On-demand on-site deployment of network for ships
  • Cost-effective price
  • Exclusive support methodology for every customer