August 17, 2021

IT consultation for enterprises

Imagine you are starting a company or expanding your enterprise. Your company’s IT system is still in its infancy or is too outdated, but the IT team is not really strong enough. Let vITcake take that burden away for you. Let’s check it out!

What is an IT consulting service?

IT consulting is the most comprehensive service of vITcake, customers are still not clear about IT solutions or have IT-related needs, we will take a survey about needs, difficulties, determination future direction of customers, thereby providing the most effective analysis and solutions for customers.

Benefits of IT consultation for companies

Control IT’s budget

Through consulting, service providers will provide information technology investment strategies for your business in stages to optimize investment costs.

Trusted consulting

With experienced professionals managing large projects as well as extensive knowledge coverage by experienced service providers. They always offer specific advice and plans suitable for businesses, and closely monitor progress and warn of IT risks for businesses.

Increase efficiency

The implementation of a new IT project in the company will consume human resources. If the company does not have a project implementation team, it will lead to overload and inefficiency. Therefore, IT consulting and implementing projects with businesses will improve efficiency.

Economic efficiency

As the business grows, the IT system also needs to be developed. When you deploy effective IT solutions, your business will be effectively operated and managed. Choosing the right IT solution for your business will determine the success factor.

What vITcake do for you?

vITcake provides comprehensive IT services, in which IT consulting is a service trusted by many customers.

New IT system design consulting

  • Consulting and designing new IT systems, including network systems, LAN, WAN, Internet connections, server systems, storage, security systems.
  • Develop requirements and functions for IT systems.
  • Evaluation of options, implementation solutions.
  • Consulting on building the complete system solution that integrates software solutions for operation and management on the basis of modern IT equipment technology.

Upgrade and optimize the existing system

  • Surveying current infrastructure and giving consultation on solutions to upgrade IT systems.
  • Evaluate the system, offer solutions to enhance the system’s capabilities and security.
  • Directly survey the system, come up with a suitable design model and offer the optimal system upgrade solution for businesses, agencies, and organizations.
  • Offering a suitable design model with an optimal system upgrade solution, saving a lot of costs for agencies, businesses, and organizations.

If you are looking for an IT consulting service for your companies, vITcake will be your best choice. vITcake will help you with the best consultation on your IT system. Contact vITcake via email info@vitcake.com for consultation and quote.