April 15, 2020

Good health to you!

The way we live and work is being rapidly changed by the ongoing epidemy. So far Latvia is getting away fairly easy — there aren’t many limitations and infected. But many countries including neighboring Russia had imposed prolonged day-offs. Many companies had to cease activity or switch to remote work. 

How we’re holding on in such times?

1.Fortunately, none of us is sick. When everything started, we have immediately went in remote mode. 

2.Our work continues! At times we have worked remotely until the outbreak and know how to handle this. 

3.The development goes as planned. Our programmers have home workplaces with software and remote encrypted access with all communication going through messengers.

Most of our clients continue their business and are expecting the same from us as they require support, software development services and implementation of new features according to contracts signed before. And we abide agreements even during such times!  

We’re also open to new projects. Those experiencing decreased load on their IT infrastructure may find it’s time to upgrade. Also it’s a good time to start developing new software and systems. Because if you start now, your company will be several months ahead of the competitors once the quarantine is lifted. 

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