August 3, 2021

Digital transformation – Small changes, big benefits for businesses

Many experts have claimed that digital transformation in the spread of the industrial revolution 4.0 is no longer an option but has become an inevitable development trend so that businesses can really develop in the dynamic market.

What is digital transformation? Why is digital transformation important?

Digital transformation is the integration of technology and digital into an organization’s business processes, with the main goal of increasing operational efficiency, enhancing the experience, and satisfying customers. And moreover, create a competitive advantage in the market.

Digital transformation requires businesses to have a determination to change from the ‘roots’, constantly challenging habits, constantly trying new things, and learning to adapt to failure. Therefore, many businesses are struggling in the digital transformation process because they cannot give up the core values of the businesses.

Digital transformation is not a new concept, but the results achieved by the application of digital technology businesses are very positive and necessary in the 4.0 technology era:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve customer strategy
  • Improve operating system
  • Better data analysis and security
  • Focus more on potential customers
  • New products/services
  • Precise market segmentation
  • Increase innovation for personnel
  • Linking departments within the organization
  • Increase customer contact rate anytime, anywhere

Digital Transformation – Small change from document digitization

Many managers are still very lazy with digital transformation because they think that digital transformation is to completely change an organizational system or instantly transform all business models of an entire enterprise.

But the truth is digital transformation is about starting with small steps that over time will achieve huge benefits and small things like digitizing company documents, transfer paperwork to web software.

Usually, at enterprises, there are many repetitive manual tasks that take time and reduce employee productivity, in addition, consuming large amounts of paper for data storage is costly, easily damaged due to the impact of the external environment. It is also very difficult and time-consuming to search a stored paper document.

Digital transformation will help digitize documents by converting all these hardcopy documents into soft documents, which is convenient for filtering, searching, and sharing information, prolonging the life of documents, and saving storage space.

The application of software and technology solutions to data processing such as vITcake’s business management software will also help businesses simplify the process of handling and managing the company’s database. Besides, it also helps to quickly meet the rigorous requirements of the 4.0 technology era at a rapid rate of change as well as fully serve the needs of customers.

vITcake – the start of digital transformation

Implementing websites or software is the perfect first step in digital transformation. In fact, many businesses are still managing their organizations in the traditional way through Excel, notebooks, not well applied Information Technology to the business administration process. Even businesses that are using accounting management software, CRM, warehouse, etc. have not reached the same level, the software is operated separately, making the use process less efficient and standard. It takes a lot of time to exchange information and unify data.

With vITcake, they can manage their business more effectively through the use of a unified management system that integrates all areas such as purchasing, warehouse, production, sales, and care, customers (CRM), accounting, human resources, projects, help businesses more effectively manage business processes in the organization without paperwork.

Joining digital transformation is a small step but brings great benefits for the sustainable development of businesses.