July 27, 2021

Custom software development service in vITcake

Currently, the application of custom software to the activities of businesses, organizations, and individuals is no longer strange. Many companies choose to the outsource service of custom software development due to many advantages. Let’s check it out with vITcake.

What are the benefits of custom software?

Custom software brings businesses many advantages such as:

  • More efficient business: The activities of businesses today are subject to strong competition from the internet environment, the application of information technology is the key to help businesses operate effectively and stably.
  • Save time and costs: Using custom software, and applying information technology to production management in enterprises is a global trend. Building and integrating software will help businesses save a lot of time and business budget.
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable data processing: Eliminate all human errors, can interact in combination with other software to get information to give aggregated data.

Custom software development service with vITcake

vITcake always understands that custom software products are extremely important to individuals and businesses. So custom software development is one of our top priority services.

Using our expertise, experience, and passion for technology, we provide custom software development services to a wide range of clients with different models, requirements, systems integrated with total solutions.

We receive requests from customers and offer solutions to implement custom software development to meet the set requirements. We aim at utility software products that serve the right purposes and requirements, minimize errors to the lowest level, and create a solid technology foundation for customers.

vITcake’s strengths

  • Personnel who master technology, always actively learning
  • Total software solution, clear process
  • Experience in software development and project implementation.

Software development process

The software production and project management process applied at vITcake is built according to international models such as CMMI, Agile, and Scrum models to ensure the quality of products and projects is strictly controlled to achieve high efficiency and bring satisfaction to customers:

  • Step 1: Survey the exact requirements
  • Step 2: Make project documents, design simulation interface
  • Step 3: Programming and developing software
  • Step 4: Check software operation
  • Step 5: Handing over, instructing customers to use
  • Step 6: Support after software deployment (update, upgrade, fix errors).

vITcake software development services

  • Software to support management, sales, production (web applications, desktop applications)
  • Software application on mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • Software for social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter)

Other services of vITcake

vITcake is the total option for those companies which need IT solutions. vITcake also provides a wide range of services:

  • Software development: If you need to expand your businesses to different platforms via software, the vITcake’s professionals will be your best solution.
  • Web development: If you need a simple landing page or even a difficult website system, we will aim for the best quality in short term.
  • IT Outsourcing: vITcake will guarantee high-quality service and reliable support for your IT system.

The technology used for the development of vITcake is based on the .NET platform and programming languages on mobile devices, embedded languages, ensuring compatible development on web, desktop, and mobile applications ( Phone, tablet). Database system using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle,…

For further information, you can visit us at vITcake.