March 16, 2020

Time to make spreadsheets and ledgers a thing of the past!

If you want to be number 1 on the market, then developing your company’s IT infrastructure: servers, data storage, networks, CRMs is a must in 2020. 

Being spoiled by smartphone speed and capabilities modern clients won’t be waiting for you to find the right spreadsheet that was “here somewhere” or until your old computer finally unfreezes. In order to keep up with their pace, your IT infrastructure should not only be fast, but also accessible on a wide range of devices from any place with Internet connection. 

Also with Global Recession-2020 already here, every bit of revenue counts. If you have 10 employees where the competitors manage with just 1 with IT help — then you’ve lost this bit. 

Data protection is getting more important too, as personal and business data leaks damage reputation and lead to client loss when falling into competitors’ hands. A move on to server storage with different access levels will help to weed out situations like “oops, our manager stole our data” or “oops, our PC hard drive has just died with everything on it”.

We will help to get your IT-infrastructure ready for these challenges by

  • organizing and setting up corporate networks
  • launching and deploying servers
  • setting up software and customer access to it
  • improving speed and stability of your current infrastructure

Why us? Because we have 5 years of experience in IT infrastructure development for companies in the most complex market spheres, including maritime and medicine. It’s beneficial to outsource such tasks to us and pay only for the job done. 

Get in touch on info@vitcake.com or through Chat. And get a full audit of your IT infrastructure with a list of possible improvements to make your company more efficient and profitable.