August 31, 2021

Common software design process for businesses

Outsourcing a software design for businesses has become quite popular and familiar. Do you already know the software design process? If not, find out in the article below, the software design process for businesses with vITcake.

Receive customer requests

When there is a need to use software for businesses, first of all, customers need to have an idea that they need the software with what functions, is it a software used to manage goods or sales, or ship management.

In addition, giving basic information about your business will help the provider better visualize the design requests, thereby having ideas that are close to reality and suitable for your needs. Some information about business characteristics or business items is also the basis for developers to be more creative and come up with more attractive ideas.

Analyze related factors

When receiving a customer’s request, the software developers need to conduct an analysis of relevant factors such as the feasibility to deploy the software or which hardware devices need to support the system.

The service provider also needs to consult more solutions and useful functions for customers based on experience from similar projects. Besides, there is a detailed quote on the cost of software design on request for customers to understand.

Plan and sign contracts with customers

Once the relevant factors have been analyzed, the IT service provider will proceed to make a detailed plan on the implementation of software design according to the customer’s requirements.

The two parties will sign the contract immediately after agreeing and accepting each other’s requirements. The contract should clearly show all the terms specified by the two parties and include the software features after the design.

In addition, the terms of maintenance services, warranties, and commitments also need to be clearly shown in the contract to serve as a basis for solving problems that arise later.

Build software and run product demos

New products will be designed based on the actual needs of customers along with the developer’s creative ideas to ensure customer satisfaction.

When basically everything of the new product has been completed, the developer needs to perform one more test for internal acceptance. Products after acceptance will be sent to customers to run demos for customers’ reference.

The developer will make corrections if the customer is not satisfied, re-test the whole thing from beginning to end, and complete the correction of existing errors on the product.

Deploy and run the software for customers to test

When the software design is complete, the developer will install it according to the customer’s request. Connecting peripherals related to this software ensures that all operations are stable.

The customer will conduct the acceptance test of the software product, and test a few functions to assess their satisfaction with the new product.

When everything is OK, the supplier will guide and train customers on how to use it, along with documentation. After that, the product is handed over to its customer.

Support customers when required

Any product is not perfect, so when using it, customers may encounter many different problems. The software has technical errors, the software does not work even because the user manipulates it wrongly.

Although the probability of errors is relatively low, they are not impossible, so when the customer encounters any problem, the IT service supplier will have to consult and support to help the customer fixes the error.

Through this post, hope you can have an overview of the software design process. If you need support for software design, contact vITcake via email info@vitcake.com or leave a message in the chatbox on vITcake’s website.