Should we choose IT outsourcing services for our enterprise?

With the rapid development of information technology and recently, cloud computing has had a strong impact on the thinking economy and working style of many enterprises. Therefore, outsourcing information technology services or hardware and software equipment have become more popular, easier, and inevitable than ever. vITcake was also born for this trend, let’s check it […]

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Good health to you!

The way we live and work is being rapidly changed by the ongoing epidemy. So far Latvia is getting away fairly easy — there aren’t many limitations and infected. But many countries including neighboring Russia had imposed prolonged day-offs. Many companies had to cease activity or switch to remote work.  How we’re holding on in […]

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Time to make spreadsheets and ledgers a thing of the past!

If you want to be number 1 on the market, then developing your company’s IT infrastructure: servers, data storage, networks, CRMs is a must in 2020.  Being spoiled by smartphone speed and capabilities modern clients won’t be waiting for you to find the right spreadsheet that was “here somewhere” or until your old computer finally […]

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Striving for effective business built by your own rules?

But commercial software development companies are more inclined to decide everything for you. So instead of convenient, effective and customizable software to aid your business, you pay for and get automatic updates you don’t need functions you will never use impossibility of adjustment to fit company’s organizational changes  bad code optimization and subsequent need of […]

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