Overview of software development processes and procedures at vITcake

For manufacturing or software outsourcing companies, the software production process is crucial to create a quality product at a low cost and in a short time. So what is the software development process, what factors are needed to have a high-quality, efficient production process?

What is the software development process?

The software development process is a structure that includes the set of activities an organization engages in development to produce a software product. It helps all project members from old to new, inside or outside the company to synchronously handle the work corresponding to their position through a common way of the company.

The software development process helps answer these questions:

  • HR: Who will do it? Who does what?
  • Time: When to start? How long does it take to complete?
  • Method: How?
  • Tools: What tools are needed to get the job done?
  • Cost: How much may/can it cost?
  • Goals: What are the goals to aim for?

Basic stages of the software development processes and procedures

There are many different software development processes but in general, a production process consists of stages: requirements, design, coding, testing, and implementation.


Tasks: Conduct a thorough study of client needs and synthesize them into solution documents (business analysis, requirements analysis, requirements specification, sample design). The functional, non-functional, and interface requirements that must be satisfied must be thoroughly described in the solution documentation.

The output of this phase is the requirements specification document, the sample design.


Tasks: Design and synthesize information into the design documents.

Output: Overall design, database design (Database), detailed design.


Tasks: Programmers write code based on Design and Solution papers that have been authorized.

Output: Source Code


Duties: Testers create test scenarios (test cases) based on requirements specification document, execute tests and update results into test scripts. When mistakes are discovered during testing, they will be reported into error management software. To address issues and update the error management system, testers (Tester) and programmers (Developer) will work together.

Output: Errors on the error management system, as well as a test case.


Mission: Deploy products to customers.

Output: Deployment minutes with customers.

Some notes when designing software

Understanding the software development processes and procedures is not enough, in order to have a truly complete software product that brings many benefits, when designing, you need to understand some of the following necessary notes:

  • The steps in the design process can be changed dynamically, but the design rules must not be ignored.
  • The color tone of the software needs to be consistent and in harmony. When designing, you need to determine the main color and other detailed colors on the interface.
  • App icons and menu bar buttons need to be arranged properly. For this to be better, you should experiment many times and choose the most suitable layout.
  • The information on the software should be arranged scientifically, clearly.

Through this article, you have understood what software development processes and procedures are, the design notes, as well as the most accurate, complete, and detailed software development process, to be able to apply in your work. If you need support for software design and development, do not hesitate to contact vITcake.